“Writing is super fun!”

“Josiah is a super cool boy. He is very inquisitive and likes a lot of variety during his lessons. Josiah learned to read and write last year at his British school in Taiwan, and has been receiving Dutch lessons with D-Teach for a few months. Josiah and I have a very good bond. I can notice very quickly when his attention falters and then it is time for a physical-activity break. Do you hear the letter ij in the word? Then you have to jump! Do you hear the letter ui? Then you have to buck. Josiah can always be motivated with such games.

Josiah can also type very quickly. And recently I learned that he also likes to draw. It is so nice to be able to integrate his talents into the lessons. Although he is usually ready for a movie or song after 55 minutes, since he follows the lessons with pen and paper, he only wants to write :-).

When the lesson is over, he will proudly show the words he has written to his mother. It must even hang up in the kitchen! The pride Josiah feels towards his own work makes him look forward to the next lesson. And I secretly do too! ”

(Teacher Marlies)


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