Visit to the European School Brussels-Argenteuil

In the middle of the wooded area of Tervuren you will find the domain of the Scandinavian School of Brussels and Ecole Européenne Bruxelles Argenteuil.

The school has been accredited as a European School since 2016. They offer the European Baccalaureate and enrolment is open to all pupils. Whereas other European Schools in Brussels only focus on the children of employees of the European Commission, anyone can enrol in this school.

“Multilingualism through the dominant language” – that is the motto of the European School in Tervuren.

In EEBA, the pupil enrols in the section of his or her dominant language. For expats it is often a complex issue to determine your dominant language. The question that can be asked is ‘in which language do you want the child to develop his personality? There are currently four sections: English, French, Swedish and Italian.
In primary education, a second language is taught for 30 to 45 minutes every day. A third and possibly fourth language is added from secondary school onwards. Please note, there is no separate section for Dutch-speaking pupils. You can only study Dutch from the third language onwards.
In secondary education, every student, regardless of section or level, receives Latin. It is said that Latin is an important basis for the acquisition of other European languages, especially the construction of sentences and grammar.

A second complex issue for expatriate youth is the year in which they are enrolled. In order to provide an unambiguous answer to this, each new student must take a test for the main subjects.

A few more interesting facts:

  • On average there are 8 to 9 pupils in the classroom.
  • The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities: music, dance, sports, workshops…
  • There is a parents’ council that organizes events, advises new families etc.


More info and the date of their next info moment can be found on their website.


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