Visit Her Majesty Queen Mathilde

Visit Her Majesty Queen Mathilde

Her Majesty Queen Mathilde

D-Teach offers online education for Belgian expat children all over the world. We organise a Dutch language summer camp once a year in Belgium. This way our youngsters can meet each other and keep in touch with their mother tongue and Belgian culture.

We had our summer camp from Monday 2 till Friday 6 July in Ostend.  On Wednesday we visited Brussels, the capital city of Belgium and the heart of Europe.

We had the honor to visit our Belgian Queen Mathilde when we were in Brussels. Our youngsters were impressed to see Her Majesty. Queen Mathilde made time for every child and learned us more about the history of the royal family.  We want to thank H.M. Queen Mathilde for this unique opportunity, we will cherish this experience.

Information on the website of the monarchy:

“Her Majesty the Queen receives a group of children and youngsters of Belgian expats. The children follow online education during the school year. They come to Belgium during their vacation for a Duch language summer camp en and a Belgian culture bath. These language courses are offered by D-Teach online learning. The courses spend a lot of attention towards knowledge about themselves and the globalized world. Online learning helps students to prepare for lifelong learning”

More info on the website of the monarchy

More info about the history of the royal family

LD, june 2018
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