Master Philip meets Henri and Baudry

Philip is a familiar face at D-Teach. He has been teaching for several years and he himself is a true cosmopolitan! He started out as a teacher, was a primary school principal for several years but started pursuing his dream in 2016. He established an educational project in Nicaragua that continues to grow. He also keeps in touch with Belgian education at D-Teach!

Henri (15 years old) and Baudry (17 years old) have been following lessons at D-Teach for 3 years. They lived in Montreal, Canada until recently and are currently moving to Dakar, Senegal. Their younger brother Paul (12 years old) also receives Dutch lessons. Little sister Juliette (7 years old) will soon start.

“They speak French at home but follow Dutch because their mother speaks Dutch. They also consider studying at a Dutch university later. Although they had no prior knowledge of Dutch at all, they progressed intensively and their speaking has become very fluent. The fear of speaking is gone and they clearly feel at ease in Dutch. And above all: they now also dare to make mistakes! ”- Philip (D-Teacher, Nicaragua)


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