From the ‘game of goose’ to role playing and improvisation exercises: learn French

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, Chloé has been following French lessons with D-Teach teacher Tine. In this way she wants to improve her oral French and increase her speaking time.

Chloé: “I find the lessons interesting and interactive. I am learning a lot! The thing I liked the most was the ‘game of goose’, where we had to tell something about ourselves in each section.”

Tine: “It is great to see how much progress Chloé is making. Her oral french has improved rapidly, really great! She also makes fewer mistakes when she speaks and she has started to actively use material we have covered in the lessons, for example,  expressions of speech.”

In the lessons, Chloé and Tine do all kinds of speaking exercises, from games such as tongue-twisters and the ‘game of goose’ to role-playing involving all kinds of themes, describing photos, debating certain statements or texts and short improvisation exercises. The main goal is to speak French in a fun and varied way, so that Chloé can enjoy it and at the same time improve her French.


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