Expat Community Ghent

Expat Community Gent is a Ghent based organisation consisting of world citizens, as representative as the world we live in. Their goal is for expats in Ghent to feel at home, to be part of a group of like-minded people and to assist members in word and deed. Info about their offer and events can be found on their Facebook page.

Every year, the Expat Community Ghent organizes a (G)Locals Expo. This event takes place in a beautiful hall of Ghent City Hall. It offers expats the opportunity to get to know each other, as well as (Ghent) organisations that have an offer for this specific target group. D-Teach focuses on expats who want to take lessons, with the necessary flexibility. It is not always possible to plan the work around full-time lessons, and even if you want/need to travel in the meantime, an online offer is often the best option. Flexibility is a necessity for expats, and D-Teach likes to take this into account to the fullest.

An extra feature of this edition was the visit of our (Belgian) student Wolfram. Wolfram’s taking a tailor-made course, put together to suit his needs. He is being prepared for exams of the Flemish exam committee. But we also built a programme so that he can live up to his passion. After all, Wolfram is a born IT specialist. He taught himself the basics, and at D-Teach we broaden and deepen his knowledge and skills. He learns all the tricks of the trade from his online teacher Steve. This meeting was extra special, because normally we only see each other online in the virtual classroom. Thank you for your visit, Tungsten and mother Manuella!


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