Enrolment policy secondary education Brussels (’20-’21)

If you would like to get a place in the first year of general secondary education (1A) in a Brussels school, you have to go through an online procedure. Only 3 schools form an exception to this policy, as well as 1B schools. An overview (in Dutch) can be found on this page.

Which deadlines are important?

  • 2 to 31 March 2020: register via www.inschrijveninbrussel.be.
  • 8 May 2020: you will receive an allocation notice, a reserved place at a school + information about the school for which you might be on the waiting list.
  • 11 May to 2 June 2020: enrol at your school


When you register online, you will be asked for a few details and ‘evidence’ that will be used to determine which category you fall into. There are a number of reserved places per category per school.

What criteria determine your category?

  • Whether you received an education allowance from the Flemish government last school year.
  • Whether the mother of the child has a secondary education diploma.
  • Whether at least one of the parents is Dutch-speaking and can prove this with a B2 certificate.


Your place of residence and the language level of the pupil are therefore not important when deciding whether or not to allocate a place in your preferred school. Please note that this only applies to secondary education. For primary education, however, residence would play a role as a preferential criterion.
We would also like to formulate a ‘but’ for the student’s language level. In the higher years of secondary education, there is always an admission class council where the school can decide autonomously in which year the student is enrolled. Of course, language level does play a role in this.
At the beginning of May 2020, you will receive an allocation notice and you will know whether or not you have a reserved place in your preferred school. This is not yet an official registration. To make your enrolment final, you still have to go to the school in May/June.

A positive note to finish? Last year, 81% of the students got a place in their first choice of school!

All info can also be found on www.inschrijveninbrussel.be.
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