D-Teach ‘trains’ to Luxembourg for the state visit 2019

D-Teach was invited to participate in the state visit with King Filip and Queen Mathilde to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. They travelled in a sustainable way via a specially laid-in government train. A total of 207 people went with the king and queen. In addition to the Prime Ministers, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Academic Representatives, business leaders are also invited – including D-Teach’s Lieselot.

Belgium has a close relationship with Luxembourg. Did you know that there are 24,000 Belgians living in Luxembourg and that many Luxembourg students are studying in Belgium? For D-Teach, a state visit is a real trade mission to get in touch with many interesting relationships. We learned more about the circular economy, sustainable development goals, space travel and education. For example, an online education platform was proposed that was developed in collaboration with space travel and online education pedagogues. Very interesting to follow up further for our online youngsters.

In addition, it was fascinating to learn more about the locations of the European Parliament (EP). In addition to Strasbourg and Brussels, Luxembourg is also a seat of the EP. There we find the General Secretariat of the EP, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Auditors. All of this fits within the framework of the “European Parliament Ambassador School” – also known as the EPAS program – in which D-Teach is participating.

D-Teach is grateful to FIT – Flanders Investment & Trade and the royal family for this opportunity as a young organization.

Source VRT: Click here for more info about the state visit (Dutch)

Source Monarchie: Click here for more info about the state visit (Dutch)


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