D-Teach is EPAS EXPERT-school

D-Teach considers the European democratic values to be of great importance and wants to represent this with the support of the EPAS-project. ‘European Parliament Ambassador school’ (EPAS) is a collaborative program between the European parliament and secondary schools. The goal is to build on the European idea of schools to stimulate pupils to become active citizens with knowledge of the EU.

D-teach got the ‘expert-school’ certificate. The past three years we’ve put effort into getting our pupils to learn more about the EU and to prioritize its democratic values.

In the final report we can read this:

D-teach has a unique position as a school in the EPAS-program. Because contact happens solely online, the school had to work out its own approach to EPAS.
The motivation of the senior ambassadors has led to success. Thanks to their effort D-teach can use its specific setting as an advantage and develop a specific approach to EPAS, which is substantively strong and diverse.

We would like to thank junior ambassadors Wolfram, Nouk & Jules and our senior ambassadors Kim & Steffi! Our marvellous result is all because of you.

Foto: Miss Lieve Wierinck, European Member of Parliament, Wolfram & Kim.


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